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The Digital Makers Alliance is an informal group of friendly makers who want to share the resources we use to create. The DMA started out as a conversation on Twitter between @clmorgan and @JimBarrett about audio that is free to use and remix for cultural heritage projects. We advocate for a critical making movement to use digital media in an activist, emancipatory role to highlight inequity, bring the voices of stakeholders into relief, de-center interpretations, and to make things and share them. And have a tremendous amount of fun in the meantime.


Audio - Creative commons and royalty-free music and sounds that can be used for projects.

Images - Photographs, graphics, and icons.

Fonts - Creative commons, free, and non-commercial use fonts.

Color Lovers: Sample palettes for web and print use. 

Color Palettes - Palettes with reference images - Color Palettes drawn from popular culture 

Color Hex - Palettes and Hex designations - Generates palettes 

Paletton - Color Scheme Designer 

Palettes on Pinterest  

3D Files and Textures - 



1. Audio Software

2. Image Editing Software

3. Virtual Worlds and 3D modelling

Tools -  Digital Tools that are more free


1. Video Publishing

The MakersEdit

Colleen Morgan

Jim Barrett

Suzanne Pilaar Birch

Andrew Reinhard

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